Cristina Onete

Research interests

I am an assistant professor (MCF) at the IUT of Limousin/University of Limoges, within the XLIM research institute . I work within the research team Cryptis, mainly on the provable security of real-world protocols. Before joining the University of Limoges, I was a Post-Doc at IRISA in Rennes, France. I did my Ph.D. at CASED, in Germany, and graduated in 2012. You can find my Ph.D. thesis here.

My main research interests lie in the area of provable security, particularly regarding authenticated key-exchange, authentication protocols, secure channel establishment, and mass-surveillance. My most recent results focus on the provable security and privacy properties of proxied handshakes, both in mobile 3G and 4G networks and in Content-Delivery Networks (CDNs) .


I am the scientific coordinator of the ANR-funded project MobiS5 , whose goal is to provide cryptographic tools for the emerging 5G network technology.

I have also been involved in the ANR SafeTLS project , which I co-proposed with Pierre-Alain Fouque. This project concerns the real-world security and privacy properties of TLS protocol as it is currently used.


I am the founder and member of the advisory board of the CrossFyre workshop, which supports women's careers in cryptography and information security.

In addition to that, I have served on the PC of several conferences including USENIX 2021, EuroS&ersand;P (2019,2020), PETS (2018, 2019, 2020), as well as subreviewing for numerous conferences including Eurocrypt, CCS, Asiacrypt, S&ersand;P, ESORICS, etc.