Cristina Onete


Cristina Onete
New: Presentation: “Breaking and Fixing Keyless SSL” (SoSySec seminar in Rennes in Oct. 2016) YouTube

Research interests

I am a Post-Doc at IRISA/INSA in Rennes, France, and have graduated as Dr. Rer. Nat. at CASED, in Germany.

My main research interests lie in the area of provable security, particularly in the areas of key-exchange, authentication (one-sided or mutual), secure channel establishment, and distance-bounding. My thesis, written under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Marc Fischlin was entitled "Security Aspects of Distance-Bounding Protocols", and its main topic was defining a unified framework to model security aspects in distance bounding.

My current research focuses on the provable security of real-world protocols, including TLS (link to my paper with Björn etc. from publications), the AKA protocol used in 3G/4G networks, and protocols used in real-world distance-bounding scenarios.

Other research interests include systems of reputation, anonymous credentials, and digital signatures that preserve some degree of privacy/anonymity.


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